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Is it a while, or awhile? I can never remember. It’s been a long time. I have some new dog days posts piling up. Read them if you want, or don’t if you don’t. But I will write again soon because I have some things to get off my chest.

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Jen has been gone for about 3 weeks and finally has come back. It’s a good thing too, because as you can see in the photograph below, I was slipping into a dark place where only the worst kind of geeks can exist. On the table there are some Star Trek collectibles, 2 reel to reel recorders, 2 flippy clocks, and other miscellaneous vintage items. I try to disguise myself as a hipster, or I convince myself that I am, but when it comes down to it I am just a plain and simple geek. I’m glad you are back.

This picture is worth only one word: GEEK!

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I’d like to share the top searches that brought people to my blog. I wish there was a way for me to know if they found my site helpful.

Top Searches:
cock rings machines
disney princesses are whores
defining brilliance
captain eo july 2011

If you combine them into one sentence, it would read:
Whether you are sporting a mohawk or a cock ring machine one thing is for sure, Disney princesses are whores, because that’s how to define brilliance according to Captain EO in July 2011.

I have a band’s list page where I add all the concerts I have been to in my life. With a list like the above, I might add another page to document searches that resulted in someone coming to DBM. The absurdity alone is worth the effort.

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Vegas Jen

Jen slept in the car on the way to Las Vegas and only woke up as we were entering because I switched my sleepy-time, mellow music to a blaring “Celebration” by Kool & The Gang. I wasn’t sure how this would go over to the soundly sleeping Jen, and would have felt that a punch in the mouth could have been well deserved. But her reaction went the exact opposite direction. She sat up, started dancing in the car seat, and told me that we have to stop at a liquor store before finding a hotel. She surprises me all the time, and that is why Jen is awesome. This is her contraption…

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If you only had 5 to 6 hours to spend in Las Vegas, what would you do? I’m on my way now…

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I often find myself with strange thoughts racing through my head because of something that I heard or something that I saw, and decided that these thoughts should be documented in some form. It’s sort of like I am trying to spread the disease of my inner thoughts to the rest of the world. So, why not include them here in Destroyed By Madness. The new category is called Madness Thought of the Day. Feel free to chime in. Here’s the first:

At what age do you start eating pizza with a knife & fork? Is it ever acceptable?

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