I’ve been in my fair share of restrooms in my life. I’ve used urinals, I’ve used troughs. I’ve stepped around mysterious puddles, and have even somehow avoided touching a single thing in a public restroom using the Kung Fu kick to flush and Jedi Knight abilities to work a faucet and open a door. If I entered a men’s restroom and found nothing but a bucket sitting on the middle of a small room, I probably wouldn’t think twice about it. Just take aim and fire. But (earmuffs girls) why the hell does every men’s room in America have to be the epitome of infestation?

Last night, I was out playing pool at a bar in San Diego. The floor was wet. There was an abundance of paper product forming an impenetrable surface in the toilet (an unwalled toilet, I should add) that seemed to be saying, “I dare you to flush me.” The walls were dirty where messages of hatred were carved. And the crown jewel was the metal wall-hung vending machine that dispenses various sex products. There was a glow-in-the-dark, ribbed cock-ring. Some kind of condom that screams, “If you want to be a VD dad, try me!” And of course, pornography.

I can understand the concept behind these machines; in a bar with a chick, about to go home and get some sweat mixing on, and you don’t have any protection. But what is with the cock-ring and porn? It just doesn’t add up.

And why the hell do I keep taking pictures in men’s bathrooms? That doesn’t add up either.

Happy weekend.

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  1. So true. Honesty and everything rezdenicgo.

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