Holy shit…

I bought a Moog Prodigy off eBay the other day. I’ve heard that as far as synthesizers go, there really isn’t much that can compare in the richness of sound, nor layout of controls. Even having been manufactured in the early eighties, the Moog Prodigy is the pocket ace of many famous bands. It arrived on Friday and ate my soul.

It does look like it was made in the early eighties though. The wood panels are heavily scratched, the inside likely needs to be cleaned thoroughly, as well as the sheet metal front panel and keys. Also, there is one knob that completely broke off. Luckily it’s only the glide knob and not a cut-off. I am going to get right on this as soon as Jen and I are set up in our new place. So for now, I’ll just stick with the stock photo at the top of the post. Stay tuned for an upcoming post of the before and after.

Here are a few samples of what this thing can do. All of these tracks aren’t very difficult to play, but on the Prodigy, they sound friggin rad!

Vintage Moog Prodigy Demo by Calvin Cardioid

Bjork, NIN, Depeche Mode, Air are just a few names that utilize the amazing sounds this thing is capable of producing. I will have this one in my arsenal for as long as I can keep it rocking. It really is an unbelievable slice of synthesizer as well as a little piece of electronic music history.

3 Responses to “The Moog Prodigy Has Landed”
  1. Seriously, you’re the only dude who picks out musical instruments which cannot get you laid. In fact, I would say that the Moog probably repels women. Here’s a simple ranking of instruments that can get you laid:
    5. Keytar (keyboard/guitar) – has some cache among younger females
    4. Saxophone (not sure why, but women love it)
    3. Piano – for the man trying to secure a sophisticated lady
    2. Harmomica – females think it equates to oral satisfaction
    1. Guitar – different guitars attract different women, choose your banjo, acoustic, electric, or double next guitar wisely. If you are asking what kind of woman a double neck guitar attracts, it is a woman looking for a threesome.

    The moog would probably rank 807 in list of instruments to get you laid, right after the muted trombone.

  2. What kind of woman would my Casio DG-20 from 1983 attract? It’s basically like a keytar but with strings and frets so, although it outputs electric signals like a keytar, you still play it like a guitar. I use it as a synth controller for either my Korg or Fatman.

    Or do you think that this too is a babe-repellant? If so, I’d like you to know that I have 2. Seriously.

  3. What an awesome way to explain this-now I know evihtyreng!

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