I bought a Nintendo Entertainment System about a year ago. Not for the first time, but for the first time in about 2 decades I held the rectangular minimalist controller. A and B buttons. A directional pad. There’s no confusion here, if one button doesn’t work, try the other. Pick up the controller and you can play any game instantly. And guess what, they’re fun as hell.

Am I reverting into a former vision of myself? I am playing an 8-bit pre-1980 videogame system on my 42″ HD LCD screen. It’s not quite the same on anything other than a tube, the gameplay is actually a little slower. I’m listening to records on my record player. I’m driving a motorcycle that looks like something assembled in 1969. My bicycle is a single speed with coaster brakes. I might be regressing into something simpler. I don’t know for sure.

The NES has some really fun titles that you can still find at swap meets and occasionally at a local video game store. Me and some friends have been playing a lot of Kung Fu recently. We made drinking rules which must be adhered to in order to have a league sanctioned game and even incorporated a little rock, paper, scissors to kick off the game. It has provided many hours of fun with no end in sight.

I found this picture online, and it just tickled me. This table holds the entire 670 titles of the NES catalog. I was posted on ebay, actually ebay in canada, by a woman and the bidding was over $15,000. I do not know what the final selling price was, but I do know that whom ever ended up with it is a very lucky sob.

After you-tubing a few people beating all 5 levels of Kung-Fu in about 5 minutes, I found that my skills are pretty bad ass. And although I’ve been known to cause an upset or two, I don’t even pose much of a match for the people I play with.

On a real kung fu note, I am still going regularly and will be reaching the level of yellow sash any day now.


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  1. Good deal on the real life kung fu!

  2. i was like the only person whose nintendo did not come with super mario. it came with the stupid robot that didn’t work with a game called gyromite. gayest game ever. everybody else is talking about mario and i play a game about a professor trying to pick turnips.

  3. Superbly illnnimatiug data here, thanks!

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