I fostered Amber for 3, maybe 4 months. She came straight to me from the shelter, and for all accounts, may have lived in lock down for months or years. She had no training, was labeled as aggressive, was not house trained, and was an incredibly high energy dog. In the short few months that I had her, I saw her turn into a well-balanced dog. After a few months of taking her to regular training classes, testing her tendencies in new environments like the beach, lagoon, and many lab rescue events, she became what no one in the organization thought she could be. She loved meeting other dogs, knew her basic commands, walked great on a leash, and stopped defiling our home. This is the reason that I enjoy fostering dogs. It is in the transformation from a dog that does not know love, to one that does. She was a challenge at times, but that made finding her eventual and inevitable forever home that much more gratifying.

When I crossed her name off the board at the event where she was adopted, the other volunteers were truly shocked. I even overheard one woman say in disbelief, “Amber was adopted!?”As much as I do it for the dogs, it was also nice to get the recognition from the organization as being a highly competent foster parent.

Amber has now found a great home with a loving family, room to run, and even a lab pal to hang out with. Good girl Amber.



I’ll introduce you to the puppy I am picking up on Friday. She’s a 10 month old girl that should be a ton of fun to introduce into Cardiff Cove. Gotta do something about her name though. No dog deserves the name cookie.

3 Responses to “Meet Amber”
  1. Doggie Dog says:

    i love the dog pictures. good work man, that is really something commendable you are doing.

  2. Thanks bud. Amber gave me more than she knew.

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