It’s pretty rare to see a Hells Angel sporting their patch, nevermind several of them. I would suspect that doing so causes too much attention from fuck-nuts like me taking a photo while driving down the freeway at 80 mph.

Remember the good ol’ days of intimidation? Remember the outlaw biker gangs? Remember what Hunter S. Thompson wrote about? Those are dead days, my friend. I would suspect that they are going to vote to change their gang name to Heck’s Angels. I mean seriously, is that last guy wearing khakis, a button down shirt, and riding a BMW!? Click the image to see for yourself. These times they are a changin’.


I followed them to Bloomingdale’s where they were all getting fitted for skinny jeans. So much for biker gangs…

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  1. Uncle Phil says:

    I think the REAL Hell’s Angels hate these guys. These are like honorary members because they contribute money or something. Or their brother in law is in the gang.
    Like when Will Smith gets an honoary doctorate for giving a speech at a graduation ceremony. The real doctors are like “F the Fresh Prince Yo!! He ain’t no Doctor!”

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