She came to me named Cookie. Every dog on earth and in doggy heaven knows the word cookie, so I don’t know if she was responding to her name or responding in anticipation of getting a treat. Her new forever family chose to call her Dixie. I think its a perfect fit for this 10 month old blonde pup. I’ve been reinforcing her name the past couple of days before I drop her off at her forever home tomorrow afternoon.


I picked Dixie up on Friday to find out she wasn’t housebroken. We went for about 7 walks on Friday, and she didn’t pee once. Saturday morning we went around the neighborhood twice, then to the lagoon for about an hour-long walk, and still no pee. Oddly enough, she would pee in the house about 2 minutes after returning from a long, and I mean LONG, walk. Right on cue, 2 minutes after our Saturday morning walk she let loose in the house after holding it for at least 20 hours. Wow, it was a lot of pee. For the rest of Saturday, and most of Sunday she had pee’d in the kitchen 5 times. Every single time was immediately after a walk. Starting Sunday evening, she was peeing outside like a normal dog. That’s a 3 day housebreaking… and for a puppy! Here I am on Tuesday evening without another accident. I’m pretty sure there’s a record broken somewhere in there.

I’ve also taught her that chewing on stuff isn’t cool, how to sit, stay, and heel, and how to catch a ball. She’s a smart pup.


It’s been a busy couple of months in terms of foster dogs, and will be taking a break until I return from Vegas in mid August. You don’t know, but I am competing in a national tournament with my pool team. Wish me luck!

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  1. Uncle Phil says:

    When i was young i would rarely pee.

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