Back in June my pool team won the final 2 day tournament to qualify for the national tournament in Vegas. I’ll be there next week working on getting a big check (it better be a physically large check like they present people in bathrobes in publishers clearing house commercials). The tournament goes from Sunday the 18th to Saturday the 24th. Part of the prize so far is a room for a week in Vegas and $200 spending money. Wish me luck!


In honor of the pool tournament, I bought a new pool cue and bag for the occasion. It might be hard for you to understand, but this cue has taken my game to an entirely new level. If you know anything about english or deflection, you would understand. While emptying my old bag, I found a heap of patches that I’ve earned for making patch-worthy shots. They are for things like break and run (break and never miss a shot to win the game), 8 ball break (hitting in the 8 ball off the break equaling an automatic win), same for 9-ball, and countless others (including MVP twice!) I was thinking it would be funny to cover a sombrero with these patches, and wear it every time I shot pool. I’m taking ideas.


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  1. A sombrero would throw off your equilibrium while shooting, don’t do it.

    Maybe cover your jeans in them. Or maybe drink your own pee with them.

  2. Congrats and good luck!

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