by Ayn Rand

If you need an introduction to Ayn Rand, read Anthem. I started and finished reading it tonight. It will only take a couple hours and give you a crash course of her ideology. It is something of a breath of fresh air for me tonight. Maybe it is because I am empty after a long week in Vegas. Maybe it’s because recently music leaves a different taste in my mouth. Maybe it’s because this house is too big for me. Maybe I’m hungry. Or maybe it’s definitely something different entirely.

The hero of this book is the non-conformist. He is the damned because he asks questions. He is beaten because he will not surrender. He has the will to live, to learn, to love, and will not accept a path be followed blindly because he is told that it is the only way. His society oppresses freedoms whether they be thought, speech, actions, professions, relations. His name is Equality 7-2521 living in a future or past, you decide.

It’s no secret that Ayn Rand is a professor of the ego. This book introduces the reader to her philosophy with minimal time investment. Not literally. It’s a short novel with a great story and powerful message.

To me.

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  4. I’ve taught both with adaecnvd 8th graders, and they loved Animal Farm. Only one students I’ve had of that age has loved 1984; I, however, much prefer. I say 2 + 2 = 5 all the time, in regards to our current educational system here in Indiana!

  5. Ok I read the article above, it has nothing to do with anything I've been saying but it is interesting.Maxwell's Demon would work if the demon had true free-will Рso that his actions weren't constrained by schr̦dinger evolution.Isn't that how we've made so many fucking low-entropy things on Earth? Do you think industrial machinery and vehicles spontaneously come into existence elsewhere in the universe without conscious life and free-will?

  6. I am soooo confused, you like the new intro? Honestly I was so incredibly busy Saturday I did not get to all of the stories. I will work on this for next weekend report thanks Mega

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