So, I’m back from 6 days in Vegas for a pool tournament, at about 90%. There is one thing that is important to understand. After 2.5 days in Vegas, you can’t wait to come home. So I’ll say this at the top of my lungs, “Fuck Vegas!” I hope I never go back.


Nationals was fun. I went undefeated. I played some of the best pool of my life. But I will not be ready to go back to Vegas for about 2 years. And even a free room won’t convince me to stay at the Riviera ever again.

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  1. We need more information than this. You went undefeated, but you lost as a team? or what?

  2. That’s a cool picture

  3. Yeah, the team couldn’t keep up with my awesomeness. There were about 800 teams and we made it to one hundred something. Into the money rounds but nothing worth writing about. Whatever I won, I lost playing blackjack and craps.

    All in all a grand ol’ time.

  4. Congrats on your game! Awesome photo!

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